Imagine booking 2-3x more sales calls every month with your dream prospects

Our laser-targeted outbound system will help you accomplish exactly that. Predictably filling your calendar with qualified leads, making cold calling and inconsistent referrals a thing of the past.

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Zero-risk guarantee

To guarantee client satisfaction, we operate on a performance basis and promise to never mention the word retainer. We also put you in the driver's seat, allowing you to provide the final check on the qualification of a lead before billing each month.

How it works

Our proven 4-step system allows you to book calls with qualified leads and generate deals with your dream prospects, all while removing you from 95% of the client acquisition process.

1. Book an onboarding call

First we perform a deep dive into your business and your industry and who you'd like to target with your outreach campaign.

2. Outbound system creation

We then use this info to create laser-targeted lead lists and finely curated email copy which fuel your outbound systems.

3. Sales assets creation

Next we work with you to create sales assets proven to consistently nurture your leads and convert via outbound.

4. Optimize campaign performance

Finally we hit send! Launching your campaigns in a way that allows us to optimize performance and guarantee results.


Our past campaigns have accomplished results far higher than industry average, landing in the inbox of our prospects 100% of the time with a 60% open rate and leading to ~30 sales calls per 10,000 prospects contacted.

How many meetings will your campaign book?

Our system leans on industry averages and data driven results to provide you a predictable and scalable method of client acquisiton.

Leads contacted


Opened emails


Positive replies


Booked meetings


Meet the team

Our team leverages the combined experience of three founders, each equipped with their own unique specialties and a background in lead generation, RevOps, marketing, design and engineering.

Aaron Shepherd


Dylan Conner


Onur Eren



What makes SodaDigital different from other lead gen agencies?

To start, we take a three-founder approach to our agency, with founders specializing in complimentary areas such as sales, marketing, and operations, all of which you'll have Monday-Friday access to.

In addition to this, we've really dialed in two areas of our process which we think make a significant impact in conversions:

1. Our laser-targeted prospecting system: Rather than sourcing leads from "catch-all" databases that can be as little as 50-60% accurate, we utilize a list of your most successful past clients to generate new lists of thousands of similar leads.

2. Our high-converting video sales assets: We've created a system that makes video sales asset creation effortless for you, and with that, a trickle-down effect on your sales calls occurs. Every sales call you take will be with prospects who have been pre-nurtured, already aware of your solution, and familiar with your face, leading to far higher conversions.

How much does this service cost?

As the needs of every single business differs, we create custom tailored packages based on capacity requirements such as number of simultaneous campaigns, volume of leads reached, and desired number of qualified calls booked monthly.

How much work is required on our end?

Our services are almost entirely done for you (DFY), after a brief on-boarding survey, and on-boarding call shortly following, we are able to handle everything including setting up your email outreach infrastructure, crafting your campaign copy, optimizing sales assets, and more.

How long does it take to see results?

It is entirely possible to receive significant results on day 1 of campaign launch, 14 days into working with us, however, optimal results are usually seen in the 60-90 day range.

Do you offer refunds?

As we mostly operate on a performance-basis, and only receive payment after delivering results, we do not offer refunds. However, we do create a zero-risk scenario for our clients where we allow you to provide the final check on the qualification of a lead before billing each month.

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